Free Sky Lanterns With Every Order!

Sky Lanterns are perfect for any occasion. Sky Lanterns create a magical moment that everyone loves, whether young or old. You can light one and see it fly into the sky, or even launch hundreds at a time. Best of all, they're perfect for daytime or nighttime use.

Sky Lanterns can rise a mile or more and fly for miles in whatever direction the wind goes. They will keep rising and flying until the fuel pad burns out. Then, they float gently back to earth, with no ashes or burning residue left. And they are made of specially treated, flame-retardant paper, which will not catch fire.

Surprise your guests at backyard cookouts, weddings, parties, or any festive affair. Give each of them a Sky Lantern of their own to light--you'lll delight them with something very special and unusual. Even though Sky Lanterns are soaring in popularity, most people have still not seen them up close and personal. You'll be the hero of the party, as they oooh and ahhh.

These Sky Lanterns are biodegradable: they're just thin tissue paper, bamboo and a little piece of wire, which will rust away. Nothing harmful going into the environment.

SPECIAL: For a limited time you can get one or more free bonus Sky Lanterns in every pack.