20 Inch Gold Sparklers (96 Sparklers)

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#20 Sparklers are the most popular wedding sparklers in the US. 20-inch gold sparklers burn for 80-120 seconds, which is enough time for all your guests to light their sparklers and have them burning at the same time when the bride and groom leave.

20 Inch Gold Sparklers (96 Sparklers)

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20-inch long gold wedding sparklers are the best sparkler to use in weddings for several reasons.

20-inch sparklers burn for 80-120 seconds each with beautiful, branching yellow-gold sparks. Long enough for everyone to light up at the same time.

Each sparkler is the perfect size and weight for guests of ages. Longer sparklers do burn longer; but their heaviness makes them harder to hold. Shorter sparklers may not last long enough if you want everyone lit up at the same time.

These sturdy steel-wire wedding sparklers do not drip burning cinders all over elegant wedding clothes. Never use wooden stick sparklers for weddings, which drop burning ashes everywhere.

Here’s how to be a hero and get 100 wedding sparklers lit in half a minute.

Use a wind-proof lighter to light the first one or two sparklers. Then use the first sparkler to light 5 more sparklers. Then have each of those people light five more sparklers, and so on, until everyone’s sparklers are lit. This leaves plenty of time for the bride and groom to exit through a dazzling sparkling archway.

TIP: Make it easy for everyone to know just where to stand and walk. Line the walkway with 36" Gold Sparklers. Just stick them in the ground along the path every 3 feet or so and light them. They last 4+ minutes. Guests can light their #20 sparklers from them, too.

These are great wedding favors sparklers that you can place on your guests’ tables. But they’re not good indoor sparklers. Too smoky.

The rule of thumb is to get 1 sparkler per guest up to 100 guests. For 200 or more, get 2 sparklers per guest. It takes longer to get 200 people lit up, so you may need to give each person 2 sparklers. Also, add a few extras so you can test-light them before actual use.

Be sure to hold sparklers at least a foot away from anything. 12 packs, 8 sparklers per individual pack, for a total of 96 sparklers. Price: $0.62 per sparkler.

Additional Information

Sparkler Burn Time 2 minutes
Sparkler Length 20 Inches