36 Inch Gold Sparklers (6 Sparklers)

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36-Inch Gold Sparklers Are the Longest Burning Sparkler Made. These steel-wire sparklers burn for 4-1/2 minutes with beautiful, branching yellow-orange sparks. Easy light tip.

36 Inch Gold Sparklers (6 Sparklers)

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#36 gold sparklers are the longest burning sparklers you can buy.

Hold them, or shove lines of them into the ground for a spectacular effect. Use them to line a romantically dazzling walkway for the bride and groom's exit from their wedding reception.

34-36 inches long on a thick steel wire. They burn for about 4-1/2 minutes with beautiful branching yellowish, iron sparks. Use a wind-proof lighter to light. Be sure you order extras so you can test-light them before actual use. 6 sparklers. Price: $2.83 each

Additional Information

Sparkler Burn Time 4-1/2 Minutes
Sparkler Length 36 Inches